Building your web space connects you to an endless number of potential clients. But managing a website, search engines and various social networks can become a full-time job. If you feel lost in the digital world, don’t worry, we are here for you. By planning an effective strategy, we can help you get in contact with your loyal clients and meet new ones.
For almost thirty years we have been actively involved in the development of websites and portals, corporate sites, e-commerce solutions and, with the increase of mobile communication, in developing mobile optimised websites.
A portfolio of several hundred websites with original, personalised and highest-quality graphics, created from 1996 to date, together with a widespread presence in the Veneto region, especially in the provinces of Venice, Padua, Treviso and Vicenza, is the best testimony of the way we work at Visualcom.

How do we want to present ourselves to the world? A website is our business card, it can’t become just one of the obscure web pages of a huge network. Optimisation for mobile devices, indexing and SEO strategies for web portals, e-commerce etc. are just some of the key concepts to consider when developing a website. 
The design and construction of portals and websites is based on latest-generation CMS platforms. Website graphics, with a modern and emotionally-engaging design, integrate an accessible browsing structure. Advanced technology and the use of a server with latest-generation configuration ensure very high access speed and security.

Who needs our services? When you search for us, what keywords do you use? The same ones we use to describe ourselves. Keywords, target and competitor analyses, SEO and Pay per Click: professional indexing allows us to be found by those looking for us.
A website should always be accompanied by a promotional activity that makes it stand out amongst the constant competition in the web. Improving search engine positioning is certainly the most advantageous option, as it defines specific targets at a relatively low cost.
The search engine positioning service aims to index a website at the top of search results for specific key phrases. First places can only be reached by continuous updates of the website content and by indexing campaigns which allow search engines to recognise the content’s authenticity and define optimal positioning at the top of search results for the website.

Creating value through social media is often seen as child’s play or as a useless occupation, but these platforms have infinite potential. First of all, they give you direct contact with your customers so that you can collect opinions and positive comments and give a prompt response to all of your customer’s problems. They generate new traffic to your website or e-commerce because you can direct users to the exact page you want them to visit.
But above all, company social media profiles allow you to tell your story and transmit your values and your message. They allow you to reach your customers and find new ones, as you distinguish yourself from the competition, to build a positive image around your company and bring your community together.

Creating and promoting your web identity is crucial for any marketing strategy. Entrusting these aspects to communication professionals, as you would with traditional media, allows you to make the most of the competitive advantage they offer and keep up with technological innovations that characterise them.


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CFT HMI project


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