Year: 2023


product branding

Designing impactful packaging is no joke, especially when it comes to a classy oil like Oleo, the new product from oil producer Rosato.
To launch the new line on the market, the company commissioned us to design a line of labels to enhance its bottles and wow its customers.
With a little elbow grease from the Visualcom team, the design of the new packaging went as smooth as oil!

On the shores of Lake Garda, the Rosato oil company has created a high-end product that expresses the essence of these lands and is the result of extracting the best olives skilfully cultivated in the frame of the rich lake landscape.

Representing the three different taste variants - classic, spicy and lemon and basil - made it necessary to decline the main design into a system consistent with the branding of the product and capable of making the three types recognisable.
It was therefore possible to expand the colour range by taking inspiration from the natural nuances of the shores of Lake Garda during the different hours of the day, following the light from dawn to dusk.
Thus, the blue and green of the classic flavour are flanked by the brighter colours of red and yellow for the spicy and the softer ones to recall the aromas of the third variant.

The product label frames, as if it were an oil on canvas, the background image inspired by the flowing, sinuous waves that create the drops of oil in the water, two elements that never mix, but coexist, creating a play on shapes.
A discerning eye will also catch the shore of a lake that recalls the landscape in which the olive groves that give rise to this oil live.

What makes the oil bottles even more precious are the materials chosen for the packaging: from the metallic-effect coloured glass that not only matches the colour palette chosen for each taste, but also filters the light allowing better preservation of the product, to the thick grain of the label paper and the gold foil that create a rough texture typical of drawing paper and make the product name stand out. Everything is in perfect harmony in a package that marries the age-old art of oil production with modern elegance.
In the world of extra virgin olive oils Oleo is perfect for those seeking a quality oil with a strong flavour and an appealing visual identity, to be purchased to enhance their table or as a gift for special occasions.

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