We recently took care of the image of MYLBOX, the new brand of the Marinox company.
MYLBOX designs, builds and sells freestanding and integrated entrance communication and access control systems. These top-quality solutions represent the perfect combination of technology, design and reliability, suitable for both modern architecture and renovations.
The first step in defining the visual identity was to rethink the company's brand, which was characterised by rather incisive lines. The restyling achieved did not distort the original logo, but captured its essence. All redundant elements were eliminated to achieve a visually harmonious whole. The concept of 'box' in the brand name was used and reduced to maximum synthesis: the letters become part of the design of the box itself, in an indissoluble unicum that makes the typography distinctive.
The result is a modern and elegant logo, easy to laser engrave on MYLBOX products.

Then we developed the website. Starting from their products, with their elegant and minimalist design, we brought these characteristics into the graphic layout as well, creating an intuitive and functional online platform. We also paid special attention to all the text on the site, from the product naming to the creation of headlines and body copy that could tell a story and lead the customer through an engaging customer journey.
On the homepage we find in the header a carousel of realisations in which the product is placed in modern, well-kept residential contexts that wink at the world of contemporary architecture. We have personally designed these images by creating photo inserts and renderings of the product to elevate it and make it more appealing to the target audience.
Scrolling down we have a general overview of the site structure; this opening page, the online platform's visiting card, does not provide too many details, but gathers together, one after the other, the essential information which is then further developed in the following pages.
This clarity of exposition allows the user not to get lost in a sea of information that can be confusing, but to discover, in an organised guide, what they will later find within the individual pages, through targeted links to the different product sections.

We then move on to the heart of the project: the section dedicated to the solutions offered by the company, i.e. door phones, video door phones and freestanding systems. The products are displayed one below the other on a white background, identified by name, product code and a brief description. Texts, images and icons alternate in the clean design of the page, promoting linearity in a matryoshka of increasingly detailed information.

Lastly, we come to the area dedicated to the direct action of the user, who, on the 'how to order' page, can contact Marinox directly in a few simple steps and order the MYLBOX product that corresponds to his needs.
The new website is an excellent opportunity for MYLBOX to establish its brand on a large scale by presenting itself to the public with an online showcase, offering comprehensive information. Every element has been designed with a strong focus on search engine optimisation and made responsive, allowing optimal viewing on all devices.