new website


Celegon, a Visualcom customer for more than fifteen years, has decided to update its online identity and create a brand-new website to establish itself in the industry of hardware systems for internal openings. The company develops, patents and produces innovative solutions aimed at optimising space for the interior door and furniture sector, a market area it has been dealing with since 1960.
The main goals we have achieved with the creation of the new website are basically three: to aggregate all of the company's products in one platform, to create a coherent and recognisable visual system to present the different hardware systems, and to improve the understanding of the different solutions through customised 3D animations.

Celegon's previous online presence involved a network of websites dedicated to individual product lines. Today, this strategy is no longer functional to the needs of the company, which in the meantime has expanded the overview of its offerings, improving it with increasingly advanced technological solutions.
For this reason, we wanted to create a single platform containing all the information of the company's different products.

The heart of the new online platform is the product section, which can be accessed either from the homepage or from the drop-down navigation menu at the top of the page. In this section, the entire range of hardware systems can be found in its various configurations along with the other product lines.

All the pages dedicated to the door hardware solutions offered by Celegon, such as the COMPACK LIVING® line and the ERGON® LIVING line, have been realised with particular attention to graphic homogeneity of representation in order to best emphasise the specific features of each product. In particular, in the opening sections of the two lines, animated 3D settings have been included to highlight the movement of the doors according to the different hardware system adopted.

The decision to use animated renderings was made to enable the company's target audience to quickly and clearly understand how each type of hardware works and how effective it is, and to be able to realise aerial views that would be difficult to achieve through a video or photo shoot.

For the icons that identify the different mechanisms, the same effort has been made to communicate each product clearly. In fact, the usual static icons have been replaced by animated GIFs that synthesise the movement of the doors and at the same time provide greater dynamism to the layout and menu.
Then we created the specific pages presenting each hardware system, where we included additional renderings that contextualise the products in different environments and highlighted with graphic elements the 'space-saving' ability of Celegon solutions compared to traditional systems.

In the download area, we can find all the technical manuals, catalogues and installation videos for the entire Celegon product range. In this way all types of users, whether private customers, architects, resellers or installers, can find the additional information they need.
The complete website restyling has allowed the company to consolidate its brand identity by positioning itself in the digital world with a consistent visual identity and a new elegant and modern style. The website has also been optimised to facilitate consultation by users on mobile devices, guaranteeing optimal use on smartphones and tablets.