campaign headline



Our support system is at your service.


Impertek is a company that occupies in the production and marketing of supports and accessories for the construction of raised outdoor floors.

In addition to the continuous improvement of the product range, Impertek has always focused on customer care, guaranteeing assistance and support in all phases of its project.

The idea that emerged from the customer’s brief was to value the company and the service that it offers more than the product: support as an added value.

The key message is that the customer can relax and think of other things because Impertek will take care of everything else. The entire campaign revolves around this concept playing with the ambiguity of the word "support" that points out not only the type of products, but also a range of services that Impertek offers.

This message has been visually translated through a language that speaks in scenes of everyday life, entertainment, carefreeness and – of course – relaxation.
Moments spent in spaces where raised floor supports are used (house and public spaces terraces, pool sides, bars…): we walk on top of them but we are not aware of it.

A part of the floor is dematerialized, showing the product: another way of giving support.

The campaign images were used for specialized magazines ads and as visuals for social media networks and web banners.

The campaign messages were translated into a video spot, while the images and concepts were used for the visual part of the new Impertek website.