01.09.2021 > news and events

A small symbol with
a great meaning



This Christmas we decided to honor our origins, our territory and its excellences. We wanted to support those who had to face the important changes that affected our country, those who fight for equality and the rights of all people, those who choose to remain faithful to their nature, their identity and their vision.

Because in Visualcom we have a vision of a better future. We strongly believe that by making positive choices every day, we can make a difference in the changes that are taking place globally.

When we heard the story about the young Agnese Tegon, the first woman in the history of Venice to undertake the journey of becoming a glass master, we were immediately struck by the change it caused. So, we decided to meet her and her master Giancarlo Signoretto, one of the most famous glass masters in the world, in their showroom called Master Glass, started during the summer of Covid-19, among the famous Murano glass furnaces.

Together with Agnese we decided to create a gift, special like her story and her art. We wanted to dedicate it to our historic clients, to thank them for staying by our side and for supporting us despite the difficult period. And because we believe that we are united by the same vision.
The team of Visualcom’s women, each with her own skills, conceived this concept, and in collaboration with other members of the agency, the project began to take shape, by developing a design, a story, and organizing production.
This is how this handmade Murano glass Christmas decoration was born. Shaped as the Visualcom logo, every time we see it hanging on the tree it will remind us of that vision of the future and will accompany us in the transition to the new year.
With this small object full of great meaning, we celebrate a new beginning and the hope of better times, with the hope to know how to take advantage of the differences that characterize us and to find the strength to face the difficulties that surround us.

By focusing on our talents, different but united, and putting them into practice, we will create a better world. This is our vision.

Merry Christmas,
Visualcom Team